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Faculty of Business Administration (FBA)

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MBA Executive Research Project

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Executive Summary

Research has focused on all the activities starting from energy purchase agreement till commercial date of operations for wind power project, cost and benefits, market perception and reality on ground, success/failure cases, efficiency and effectiveness, potential of wind power use for households and issues created by locals. This study was done keeping in view Pakistan’s environment and is also relevant to other third world countries having similar milieu.

People in Pakistan (technical and managerial) are veiy confused as how to start, implement, finish and ensure reliable operations of wind power project. Difficulty increases when it comes to dealing with government agencies having limited knowledge of renewable energy technologies. Most of the companies who have completed wind projects faced great difficulty as there is no written down document on good engineering and managerial practices based on research. Absence of such documents and lack of knowledge not only results in delays but it also increases Pakistan’s dependency on foreign players and escalates the cost of overall project. The blunder starts right at the time of signing the contract with EPC contractor after which there is nothing much left that the owner could do to quality.

The output of this testimony is based on thorough research and feedback received from various stakeholders which include companies that have worked on wind projects as major investors, owner’s engineers, confiscators, suppliers, government agencies and locals. This work will serve as a guideline for the people workings/ willing to work on wind power projects and will focus on adding value on every step and resolving issues by using past experience of people that have been consulted.


VIII, 76

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