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Faculty of Business Administration (FBA)

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MBA Executive Research Project

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Mobile communication systems, Pakista

Executive Summary

Technical Transformation and Information waves arc the driving forces for healthy growth of telecom industry. However this section will get saturated in coming years, creating brand new situation. This study has highlighted some key disruption points that have driven most changes in telecom industry. Our objective with this study is to identify critical inflection points that are believe to predict telecom industry future with vast and in depth analysis of existing market dynamics of cellular industry and feasibility of new telecom entrant. Moreover various key factors of growth in order to strengthen organization and strategically launch MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator) have been highlighted. This specific research underlined existing market scenarios and factors affecting mobile subscriber satisfaction level as well.

In order to determine the room for new entrant in the same market, lags between the current and newly offered services are significantly compared. Strengths and weaknesses of existing operators are analyzed. For predication PLEST evaluation has also carried out. Consumer Behavior is crucially monitored. Increased usage, declined rates and scant spectrum will be the challenges In coming years. Furthermore carriers should be more considerate about managing coverage, capacity and quality of network. A structured questionnaire is developed to gather the required information. Electronic random sampling is adopted to gather the relevant information from different cities of Pakistan. IBM SPSS tool is used to extract the results with 153 sample size.

All the trends mentioned in this study provide a broader prospective of telecom industry adaptability to cope up with new age and changed environment. As per the primary and secondary research there is a room of new cellular entrant if better services than existing ones are offered.

Samples were taken only from Karachi, considering it to be the hub of Pakistan. In order to have broader prospective other cities may also include in the research.


VIII, 69

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