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Methodology focus on quantitative research and data taken form different case studies and from competent,experienced people associated with the coal industry.

Executive Summary

Pakistan facing serious energy issues since a decay and by the time goes the situation getting worst day by day as the demand for energy is increasing, unfortunately no initiative were taken by die previous government to resolve the issues which results a big spread between the supply and demand.

Seeing the situation, current government took serious initiatives to resolve the energy crisis by installing coal fired power plants and by the means of alternative energy sources. The major part of this initiative depends on the power generation by coal fired power plant.

In die first phase the government has proposed approximately 14,000 MW coal based power plants at different locations in Pakistan, some of them are in construction phase and few plants financials has been finalized, it seems few of them shall start their operations by 2017-2018.

Seeing the government initiative the private entities also put their positive part to resolve their energy crisis on their own either by installing coal fired power plant or by other energy generation sources. The data shows approximately 15,500 MW to 16,000 MW coal fired power plants shall be in operation by the end of 2018-19.

This study has been carried out to focus on another issue which will prevail when these power plants comes into die operation. The immense development requires millions tons of coal per year, eventually when the huge stocks of coal get burned it which will accumulate huge deposits of coal ash in the form of fly ash, bottom ash and boiler slag, die handling of these deposits could be challenging if the government doesn’t consider die impacts and doesn’t take appropriate measure to educate users on the uses of same for the safe finish.

Coal is being used globally as a major source of power generation since ages consequently the economies were facing the same issue of handling these deposits, by the time die studies has also been carried out to come on a proper solution of these stocks, the continuous research and development on coal ash introduces many viable practices for the economical uses of same. Each residue form has its own unique commercial and economical uses that have been discussed in details in this project along with the feasibility study of the same.

Basing die most viable use of fly ash “Fly Ash Concrete brides and blocks”, a feasibility study of a business proposal has been carried out for Pakistan market, the data and the conditions shows the projects is highly lucrative only the need is to educate people because die coal field is specific and only die people attach with this industry know the mathematics of this industry. Little education from the government invoke many brilliant entrepreneurs to get into this business when the industry at his infancy stage in order to take the first mover advantage.

The business model has been proposed by this report based on the research of the current market offering the same products, an easy investment with the return of 22% can easily replace the products certainly with the cheaper quality. Since the products are related to construction industry so the strength parameter of the products were mainly focused while carrying out the study and the results shows same strength or even high strength products can be offered at cheaper cost.

The business proposal also offered secondary advantages as well like the environment issues which could be alarming for the government in the future because if the proper utilization of these stocks shall not be offered die finish of these stocks will not be safe, either the power plant users will release into the air or in to the pounds and rivers to get rid of the highly polluted waste, results it will pollute the water and air and become the reason of generating the diseases.

Another objective to offer this proposal is to highlight added industry option which is being operative in different economies in order to create more jobs and to get down the unemployment ratio.



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