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Faculty of Business Administration (FBA)

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MBA Executive Research Project

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Executive Summary

Taking the cognizance of growing Pensioners’ complaints, media’s projection of grievances and Apex Courts SUO MOTO action for readdress of their financial hardships, have in fact led researcher to identify bottlenecks and issues in the disbursement of pension payments. There is no formal research conducted on this aspect; however various departmental committees formed to devise sustainable mechanism for pensioners’ plight. To collect data, the researcher designed three structured questionnaires for different stakeholders, conducted interviews and held formal and informal meetings with relevant staff. To understand the nature and magnitude of issue, all three main disbursing units which include Administrative department. Accounting Office and National Bank of Pakistan were thoroughly studied in terms of processing and payment procedures. The more than hundred sample size covered all stakeholders specifically pensioners. The pensioners further distributed into gazetted & non gazetted and family pensioners & self-pensioners. The primary and secondary data is analyzed through graphs, charts and tables which are the simplest methods available to interpret data.

The Research Analysis reveals that the departmental procrastination mostly plagued the retiring pensioner on the pretext of documentary requirements. The issues of coordination, capacity, supervision, accountability and resources have afflicted to one of the weakest segment of society.

The last section of research discusses the hurdles, gives forth the recommendations and action plan to solve the persisting issue. The research proposes procedural amendments through DCS system by means of technology and suggests some administrative measures with additional resources to address the grievances of pensioners. This study will go long way alleviating the difficulties of retirees and ensuring transition to golden year. They deserve no less.



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