Center for Executive Education (CEE)


Post Graduate Diploma in Supply Chain Management


Adnan Ahmed

Project Type

PGD Project Report


Demand Planning, Forecasting, Inventory Management Practices

Executive Summary

This report provides an analysis of the demand planning practices in Pakistan’s fast food industry and evaluates their different demand planning activities currently in practice by various fast food business outfits. For this purpose, a detailed literature review was performed in order to comprehend the demand and planning concept in the fast-food industry. Key concepts and their practical implications were identified using web-based research on renowned and vital study search portals.

A searched based questionnaire was developed in the light of an industry expert opinion; encompassing all the relevant features to explore the demand planning practice of the fast-food industry through planned and structured interviews and also as survey questionnaires. Based on the industry dominance, McDonald’s, KFC, Hardees, Dunkin, OPTP, Burger Shack and Burger King were identified to survey about demand planning practice in these fast-food restaurants. The research is based on the outcome of the semi-structured interviews from a combination of international and local brands.

A well-defined and calculated methodology was infused in the shape of surveys and interviews with the best industry leaders, to obtain the practical version of demand planning practices of the industry. Industry specialist was consulted for expert opinion on the subject and to match the theoretical knowledge with industry practices. Current demand planning practices were highlighted after the market leader’s interviews and survey.

Based on the factual knowledge and practical practices along with the theoretical research the gaps and problem areas of demand planning in the fast-food industry were identified with the suggested practical oriented recommendations for improvement in the industry.

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