Sindh fruit traders: expanding abroad

Case overview / Abstract

This case study examines the establishment of a small-scale business, Sindh Fruit Traders, owned by Mr Imtiaz and Mr Tehseen. The saturated local market condition is compelling them to look at export markets as means of expansion. The core challenges they face are identifying and selecting an appropriate export country and making the necessary preparations for the expansion. All these decisions have to be made before the next harvest season in July 2017.

This case study describes in detail the dates business in Khairpur, Pakistan. It provides information about how an individual commences business at a small scale and then expands with time by learning the techniques of the business.

This case also explains the local trading of crops and traditional ways of conducting business in the date market of Khairpur and looks into ways in which research should be conducted to expand the business for exports. After discussion, the students will be able to understand the production and sales business of dates in general. More specifically, the students will understand how entrepreneurs are attracted to a business, what role research can play in making informed decisions, and the potential means to expand a local business into an international venture.

Case Areas

Business Research, Entrepreneurship, Expansion, Export Market, Informed Decision Making, International Venture, Market Saturation, Sindh Date Business, Small-Scale Business, Traditional Techniques


Agriculture Sector

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Faculty / School

School of Business Studies (SBS)


Department of Management

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Asian Journal of Management Cases


16 pages

Citation/Publisher Attribution

Umrani, W. A., Solangi, R., Mirani, M., Ahmed, U., & Abro, M. A. (2022). Sindh fruit traders: expanding abroad. Asian Journal of Management Cases.

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