African external finance in the 1990s

African external finance in the 1990s


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External financing for sub-Saharan Africa is a vexing problem with no easy solutions. The regions' macroeconomic policies, domestic savings, and efficiency of resource use - all generally poor - impinge heavily on the size, growth, and timing of external finance. The papers in this symposium volume assume the following: (a) that structural adjustment efforts in most African countries will be intensified and strengthened; (b) macroeconomic imbalances and microeconomic distortions will be minimized if not eliminated; (c) trade, investment policies, and regulatory framework will be streamlined; (d) private savings and investment will be encouraged through financial liberalization; and (e) public investment programs will complement private sector initiative and concentrate on infrastructural deficiencies and human resource development. This volume restates only the essential ingredients of a strategy for resuming growth.

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World Bank Symposium

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Dr. Ishrat Husain worked as Division Chief, Debt and International Finance at World Bank, Washington, D.C. at the time of this title's publication

African external finance in the 1990s