Maham Umar


Master of Science in Computer Science


Department of Computer Science

Faculty / School

School of Mathematics and Computer Science (SMCS)

Date of Submission



Dr. Farhan Ahmed Siddiqui, Visiting Faculty, Department of Computer Science

Document type

MSCS Survey Report


Consumers are at the core of any business, and this also includes ecommerce. Pakistan being a third world country is still exploring the domain of ecommerce & the consumer adoption to platform as well as consumer satisfaction is essential to reach its goals. The success of the business lies in understanding the consumer market in the region.

Pakistan is still exploring its ecommerce domain and there is a lot that needs to be looked into. Consumers being at the very core of any business, the understanding and adoption ecommerce landscape in the market is essential. The paper is designed as a survey, after taking inspiration from different studies already conducted.

The report focuses on how different e-commerce consumers behave and understanding the Pakistan’s ecommerce domain. To understand the likes and dislikes in the market and also understand the consumers pain points and unexplored opportunities that might be there like cross border ecommerce.

First, I did a literature review to understand different consumer markets. Then the survey was inspired by two pre-written articles. This survey specifically targets the audience in Pakistan and to ensure that we have collected responses from people who use ecommerce in different cities in Pakistan. The survey was posted on social media groups for responses. To ensure we have data from different age groups and the responses are authentic, we asked users email address and basic bio data like, city gender age etc.

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