Master of Science in Computer Science


Department of Computer Science

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Faculty of Computer Sciences (FCS)

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Dr. Shakeel Ahmed Khoja, Professor and Dean School of Mathematics and Computer Science

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MSCS Survey Report


Today, we live in a globally connected world where everything that happens on earth also happens over the internet. Social media platforms are playing a vital role in transforming physical actions into digital ones. People are being influenced by various content and content creators. Social media is not just a marketing tool but now a marketplace itself. Keeping in mind the ability to reach masses within no time, many businesses are now focusing more on their social media presence and are spending a lot on digital and social media marketing.

This research survey is exploratory and analyses different aspects of the main subject and establishes a conclusion by reviewing academic research by the authors, recent metrics from the industry, and relevant articles by the domain experts. The main focus of this paper is to analyze the key factors that are essential to gain complete knowledge of the subject.

The study begins with the review of the initial advancements in communication technology such as the Internet which resulted in the form of different revolutionary ideas mainly social media platforms and E-Commerce. Since E-Commerce stores are virtual in nature, we also discussed in detail the factor of trust and major key issues affiliated with it which play a critical role in any business to gain customer’s trust. Trust can only be built if the privacy and security of a customer are protected and respected. That is why we discussed various aspects of privacy and security related to E-Commerce as well as the compliances that ensure user privacy protection.

Along with that, recent trends in social media have been analyzed carefully as well as the types of various marketing campaigns that are creating a huge impact on businesses and their conversion statistics have been analyzed. Also, various marketing strategies have been discussed in detail like digital marketing on social media as well as influencer marketing. After reviewing various papers and articles, the paper comes to a close after making a conclusive thought and proposes different directions that can be persuaded for future work.

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