Maha Tauqeer


Master of Science in Computer Science


Department of Computer Science

Faculty / School

Faculty of Computer Sciences (FCS)

Date of Submission



Dr. Imran Rauf, Assistant Professor, Department of Computer Science

Document type

MSCS Survey Report


Mechanism Design for Social Good (MD4SG) or Algorithm Design for Social Good is an inter-disciplinary multi stakeholder approach to using digital processes to improve access to opportunity for marginalized communities in areas such as education, development, anti-discriminatory policies and more. This research survey aims to compile the recent applications of Mechanism Design for Social Good (MD4SG) particularly the work contending with trade-offs between efficiency and fairness. The paper highlights the necessity of implementing policy intervention (through digital tools) as shown through the way algorithms contribute to oppression, the problems with housing allocation and unfair labor market hiring processes. It also notes the limitations of artificial intelligence (AI) in resolving social issues.

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