Master of Science in Computer Science


Department of Computer Science

Faculty / School

School of Mathematics and Computer Science (SMCS)

Date of Submission



Shams Naveed Zia, Visiting Faculty, Department of Computer Science

Document type

MSCS Survey Report


Industry 4.0 (i4.0) is the fourth industrial revolution in which automation of manufacturing processes and industrial practices will help companies to achieve more efficient industry performance. This digitalization has become the need for the factories of this era, as a lot of industries are shifting from mass production to product customization. The vision of i4.0 includes the concepts of the IoT, Cloud-based Infrastructure, and Smart Manufacturing. These concepts focus on the human integration in the manufacturing processes in such a manner that menial tasks are automated, and humans are freed to focus on value-adding activities which would enhance the performance of industry practices and manufacturing processes. The concept of Big Data has emerged as a vast volume of data is generated with continuous internet streaming and use of various devices, communicating and exchanging data with each other. This has affected the new generation of technology in a lot of ways, along with its impact over i4.0, where data is produced by varying sources, such as manufacturing systems, sensors, and machine controllers. In this paper, the impact of BDA over i4.0 in the context of the latest advancements in Information and Communications Technology will be explored.

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