An ontology-based knowledge management model for e-recruitment utilizing moocs data

Author Affiliation

  • Zainab Javed and Hareem Qazi are Computer Science students at Institute of Business Administration, Karachi.
  • Shakeel Ahmed Khoja is Professor & Chairperson of Computer Science Department at Institute of Business Administration, Karachi.

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Conference Proceeding

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In the recent past, the role and importance of Knowledge Management have become very visible in an organizational learning environment. This paper aims to cover the implementation of knowledge management in the process of development of e-recruitment platform using an ontology-based approach. The approach has been modeled in such a way that it can facilitate employers for hiring and recruiting purposes as per the organization's desired requirements with an effective utilization of MOOCs data. For the end-users, the developed ontology will be able to recommend candidates to the e-recruiter based on the required functions of the job post, and similarly students or eligible candidates who have completed MOOC will be able to view job vacancies based on their field of interest. The proposed model also incorporates the data of students, including the required information about the enrollment, grades, and skills attained in various MOOCs.

Citation/Publisher Attribution

Z. Javed, H. Qazi and S. A. Khoja, "An Ontology-based Knowledge Management Model for e-Recruitment utilizing MOOCs Data," 2019 8th International Conference on Information and Communication Technologies (ICICT), 2019, pp. 124-128, doi: 10.1109/ICICT47744.2019.9001911.