A synopsis letter joining and character mapping algorithm

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The theme behind this algorithm is to provide a technique that can be incorporated into a word processing application or a hybrid that allows the end user to write documents in languages which require alphabets to be joined together. This concept will be referred to as Letter Joining hereafter. Languages, the likes of Urdu, Hindi, Punjabi etc, have more than one type of image for a single alphabet. Consider for example the English alphabet 'B'. Its equivalent in the Urdu language is the letter pronounced as 'Bay'. 'Bay' has 4 forms that it can acquire in written Urdu. The first being when it is joined at the beginning of a word. The second being when it is joined in the middle of the word. The third being when it is joined at the end of a word and the last one being a standalone one. To know when to write which form of 'Bay' in a typed document is a complicated task and this is exactly what this algorithm is meant to accomplish. It will decide, based on the previous and next character, on which form of the alphabet it should reproduce.

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M. I. Saleem, "A synopsis Letter joining and character mapping algorithm," 2005 International Conference on Information and Communication Technologies, 2005, pp. 349-349, doi: 10.1109/ICICT.2005.1598624.