BS (Social Sciences & Liberal Arts)

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School of Economics and Social Sciences (SESS)


Department of Social Sciences & Liberal Arts

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Spring 2023

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Safia Mahmood, Lecturer, Department of Social Sciences

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SSLA Culminating Experience

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Restricted Access


While there are multiple aspects to consider under the umbrella of female portrayal in Pakistani media, this paper aims to address the ones that affect the masses on a daily basis and trouble their ideology initiation and development in the process.

The evolution of the female protagonist in Pakistani Urdu TV dramas is a richly nuanced and compelling topic that cannot be attributed to any single factor. From the provocative and daring portrayals of the 1980s to the more conservative and traditional depictions of recent years, the representation of women in Pakistani media has been shaped by a complex interplay of political, social, cultural, and economic factors. The Pakistani media has been heavily influenced by political and military regimes, which have imposed their ideologies on the country's media. As a result, the portrayal of female characters has undergone significant changes, reflecting the dominant ideologies of the time.


lxxi, 71

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