BS (Social Sciences & Liberal Arts)

Faculty / School

School of Economics and Social Sciences (SESS)


Department of Social Sciences & Liberal Arts

Date of Award

Spring 2023

Date of Submission



Dr. Saima Bint-e- Saif, Assistant Professor SSLA, Department of Social Sciences


Amna Tufail, Visiting Faculty, Department of Social Sciences

Project Type

SSLA Culminating Experience

Access Type

Restricted Access


The aim of the study was to understand what kinds of perception the lay population form when they view the many tv shows and films popularly depicting autism, especially since, as the literature review highlights, most of these depictions focus on savant like abilities in the character and purport false causes and cures. However, recent depictions seem to be moving away from these narratives, though their focus on savant like abilities remains present. Hence, the study aimed to understand how the perceptions of lay people are impacted by the various filmic depictions and compare it to the perception of caretakers. Thematic analysis of the interviews resulted in four broad themes regarding the characteristics and features of autism, prevalence, causes and cure of autism, challenges that caretakers and siblings face, and their opinions regarding increasing autism depictions in media.



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