BS (Social Sciences & Liberal Arts)

Faculty / School

School of Economics and Social Sciences (SESS)


Department of Social Sciences & Liberal Arts

Date of Award

Spring 2023

Date of Submission



Dr. Sahar Nadeem Hamid, Assistant Professor and Chairperson Social Sciences & Liberal Arts

Project Type

SSLA Culminating Experience

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Restricted Access


This research studies how a shift in the academic trajectory of an adolescent impacts the parenting style of mothers. The participants in this research were mothers in Pakistan who sent their children to private schools. The reason for selecting mothers and is because previous scholarship has suggested that while the interaction between adolescents and their parents decreases in this developmental stage, the interaction with mothers is still significant. The sample consisted of six mothers who attempted the ‘Parenting Styles and Dimension Questionnaire by Robinson et al. (2001) as well as took part in semi structured interviews. Together the two measures helped the researcher deduce the parenting styles of the mothers with their adolescents, who belonged to either the 8th or 9th grade. The nature of the research is qualitative as similar ideas from the responses from the mothers were coalesced to form themes and sub-themes. Together parenting styles of the mothers were investigated through the lens of maternal self-efficacy to with regards to the shift in academic trajectory. The results indicated how mothers of the adolescents did not hold a grade or scores of their child in high esteem. Instead, mothers valued education, which had a fluid definition. One way education was defined as was the social skills their child possesses as well as their ability to acquire skills they could use later in life as well. The parenting style of the mother appeared to be independent of the shift in academic trajectory of their adolescent.



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