BS (Social Sciences & Liberal Arts)

Faculty / School

Faculty of Business Administration (FBA)


Department of Social Sciences & Liberal Arts

Date of Award

Spring 2017

Date of Submission



Dr. Faiza Mushtaq, Assistant Professor, Department of Social Sciences and Liberal Arts


Summer Qassim, Lecturer, Department of Social Sciences and Liberal Arts

Project Type

SSLA Culminating Experience

Access Type

Restricted Access


Adoption refers to the process whereby a person assumes the parenting of another. It is a legal act of placing a child permanently in the care of someone other than his/her biological parents. It is unfortunate that such an act of love is reduced to an act of charity and stigmatized in countries like Pakistan. Legal, social and religious factors, intricately woven together in a complex dynam- ic, pose a grave challenge to adoption in the Pakistani context. This thesis with the aid of textual analysis and an ethnographic approach explores the adoption process in Pakistan in depth, un- covering these very challenges plaguing adoption. An in-depth and detailed analysis of each of these factors revealed that the potent social stigmatizaton of adoption appears to be the cause of a rupture in the adoption process in Pakistan such that its implications are no longer limited to emotional trauma. Instead, it breathes a material existence of its own, embodying the form of a lucrative and thriving black market and trafficking of infants.



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