BS (Social Sciences & Liberal Arts)

Faculty / School

School of Economics and Social Sciences (SESS)


Department of Social Sciences & Liberal Arts

Date of Award

Spring 2022

Date of Submission



Nudrat Kamal, Lecturer, Department ofSocial Sciences

Project Type

SSLA Culminating Experience

Access Type

Restricted Access


Disney has been a global phenomenon among people of all ages for decades and its impact is unrivalled. The ‘Disney princesses’ are a household name with not many being strangers to their magical fairytales. But despite how popular they are, these tales are not without their own fair share of issues.

This project explores how Disney movies are ridden with Orientalist stereotypes and the way these stereotypes have evolved over the years from the original animated musical films to the live-action blockbusters. I comparatively analyze the popular Disney movies Aladdin and Mulan with their more recent live-action remakes to study whether Orientalism is still deeply-entrenched in these films or success has been made to cleanse these films from the same prejudices.

Using Edward Said’s theory of Orientalism as my basis and Arif Dirlirk’s interpretation of Orientalism in China, I critically analyze all four movies to reaffirm the existence of Orientalist stereotypes and the reasons as to why they exist and67



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