Big Data


Master of Science in Computer Science

Faculty / School

Faculty of Computer Sciences (FCS)


Department of Computer Science

Date of Award

Spring 2016


Shams Naveed Zia

Committee Member 1

Shams Naveed Zia, Supervisor, Department of Computer Science, Institute of Business Administration (IBA), Karachi

Project Type

MSCS Survey Report

Access Type

Restricted Access


Business Analytics, Data processing, Data Science, Databases

Abstract / Summary

Big data is a term for large data sets, which can have varied and complex structures. Traditional data processing applications are not adequate to store, manage, process and visualize such data. Big data analytics is the process of examining massive data sets to uncover hidden patterns, correlations and valuable insights. The report presents the study regarding various aspects of big data. Big data content, scope, infrastructure, processing methodologies, advantages and challenges have been discussed in detail. Big data analytics stack employed in companies like LinkedIn and Google have been reviewed.


vii, 23

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