Master of Science in Computer Science

Faculty / School

Faculty of Computer Sciences (FCS)


Department of Computer Science

Date of Award

Fall 2019


Dr. Abdul Basit Shaikh.

Committee Member 1

Dr. Abdul Basit Shaikh, Supervisor, Department of Computer Science, Institute of Business Administration (IBA), Karachi

Project Type

MSCS Survey Report

Access Type

Restricted Access


Computer Science

Abstract / Summary

Like many other sectors, healthcare is to enter a period of rapid change, effected by digital disruption. Healthcare has always been a reactive “sickcare” rather than preventive healthcare. Today we have a plethora of connected technologies; loT, cloud computing, big data, and smart devices that have led to the notion of “smart healthcare”, that allows to give power in the hands of the patients themselves; who are the real owner of their health related data. We aim to summarize the available information about approved, available and prototyped devices through a comprehensive, systematic literature review. Further, we have looked into the development of a remote-monitoring device in Pakistan, its development cost and affordability for the people in rural areas of Pakistan with access to no healthcare facilities. We also made a small prototype design of a remote monitoring system using heart rate sensors and breadboard. The prototype costed us around 15 USD.


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