Master of Science in Journalism

Faculty / School

Faculty of Business Administration (FBA)


Shahzeb Ahmed Hashim, Lecturer, Centre for Excellence in Journalism

Project Type

MSJ Capstone

Abstract / Summary

This research was conducted by Centre for Excellence in Journalism, IBA, Karachi during 2019 as a capstone project for Master of Science in Journalism. The data and information regarding water contamination was obtained and compiled through a thorough reporting, researched articles and documents provided by concerned organization.

The water which is used for the drinking purpose in Karachi is the most polluted and contaminated one as compare to the other cities of Pakistan. The reason behind this water contamination is the industries disposition of waste, which has ruined the environment by polluting the water bodies with its toxic effluent.

The disposing of wastage from factories has made the lives of the residents of Karachi miserable. Especially those who live around or near industrial areas. Many argue that the water they use for their livestock is not suitable for human consumption; hence, it gives birth to many diseases which can be fatal in many cases.

In this regard, the reports observe that the most affected areas by waterborne diseases in Karachi are Surjani town, Malir District and Korangi and Landhi Areas. This also includes small Goths situated around industrial areas

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