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Master of Science in Journalism

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Faculty of Business Administration (FBA)


Muhammad Qaseem Saeed, Lecturer, Centre for Excellence in Journalism

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MSJ Capstone

Abstract / Summary

The idea for this documentary came from a story published in the express tribune which talked about the people who are unable to vote in 2018 elections due to having Computerized National Identity Cards (CNICs) in the Ibrahim Hyderi locality in Karachi.

Not having a CNIC in Pakistan means that you are not able to participate in civic life and also not subscribe to basic facilitates like housing, water, gas and employment.

This documentary film looks at different cases and through the experience of some journalists what it is like to live as an undocumented citizen. The film also explores the reasons why some segments of society are not able to get documented either due to illiteracy, lack of awareness or out of taking advantage staying undocumented. The film also looks at the constitution of Pakistan and who is a citizen of Pakistan according to it. The film acknowledges the challenges faced by organizations like NADRA. Examples of cases of citizenship being granted to non-Pakistani's are also discussed.

The research included talking to different lawyers, legislators, journalists and undocumented citizens to understand the issue and its seriousness. The issue has mostly been understood as a minority or immigrant issue but the film set out to challenge that perception and talk about the wider problem faced by many indigenous Pakistanis whose families have been living as undocumented citizens for generations.

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