Sinking in sewage


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Master of Science in Journalism

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Faculty of Business Administration (FBA)


Muhammad Qaseem Saeed, Lecturer, Centre for Excellence in Journalism

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MSJ Capstone

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Karachi’s sewage problem is not only visible in the dire situation of the over-flowing gutters but also the untreated sewage flowing into the sea affecting marine life and the environment. In the current study, we are discussing hazards and impacts of sewage, history of the drainage system in Karachi and possible solutions. The environment is greatly affected by the dumping of sewage and it also leads to blockage of natural drains which causes urban flooding. Karachi was designed in a way that the storm drains carry in them the sewage but due to an increase in population but no increase in the drainage capacity the city suffers with overflowing drains. The solution would be an active revamp of the drainage system to curb urban flooding and restarting the sewage treatment plants which exist but have been shut down.

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