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Master of Science in Journalism

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Faculty of Business Administration (FBA)


Muhammad Qaseem Saeed, Lecturer, Centre for Excellence in Journalism

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MSJ Capstone

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This documentary is about the destruction incurred on the Hindu community in reaction to the 1992’s Babri Mosque destruction. Dozens of Hindu temples were destroyed by mobs around the country. This documentary examines the destruction done in Multan by the mobs and how it has affected the community afterward. The two temples examined have never been restored due to religious bigotry. The documentary also focuses on the story of a temple’s destruction which is known as “Birth Place of Holi”, the role media played in fueling the fires during those dark times, and how this destruction could have been avoided. It talks about the people who died when mobs were destroying the temples. How the area of the temples have shrunk and the shrines nearby have expanded. Also, how has this event changed the lives of the local population and what do those temples meant for the population have been explored by this documentary. In the end this documentary explores how Hindu community members celebrate Holi in the city of saints- Multan.

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