RPA based Employee Onboarding Process

Student Name

Vishad RazaFollow


Master of Science in Computer Science


Department of Computer Science


School of Mathematics and Computer Science (SMCS)

Date of Submission

Fall 2023


Saiyed Shahab Ahmed, Visiting Faculty, Department of Computer Science, School of Mathematics and Computer Science (SMCS)


Employee Onboarding is a cumbersome task it requires a significant amount of time both for HR personnel and new hires also manual process can be inefficient and prone to redundancy. Organizations are looking for all possible ways to cut costs and drive revenue growth. RPA is one such tool that allows businesses to streamline enterprise operations and reduce costs. Employee onboarding process refers to a series of activities and procedures that a company undertakes to integrate a new employee into a company. This process starts from time the new employee is hire to the time they become fully productive and acclimated to their role and the company culture. This is a cumbersome task which can be simplified just by making the onboarding process automated. Robotic Process Automation (RPA) can significantly enhance the employee onboarding process in several ways, making it more efficient, accurate, and seamless. This automation will benefit from doing time consuming and repetitive task, it will minimize errors and ensure that all necessary compliance requirements are met, RPA streamlines the onboarding process, allowing new employees to get started and become productive more quickly, also HR teams can continuously improve and optimize the onboarding process over time.

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Restricted Access

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Research Project

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