Master of Science in Management

Faculty / School

School of Business Studies (SBS)


Department of Management

Date of Submission

Fall 2023-8-22


Dr. Ashar Saleem, Assistant Professor and Program Director MS Management, Department of Management, Institute of Business Administration (IBA), Karachi

Committee Member 1

Dr. Saqib Sharif, Associate Professor, Department of Finance

Committee Member 2

Dr. Ashraf Khan, Assistant Professor, Department of Finance

Project Type

MS Management Research Project

Access Type

Restricted Access


The body of literature on cryptocurrency is expanding rapidly. Researchers have focused in particular on how to treat cryptocurrencies compared to other asset classes. Since it is still in the early stage of developing into an asset class, future research needs to fill this gap in the existing literature. The increasing application of bibliometric analysis in the field of Business and Finance encouraged this study on Cryptocurrencies as a financial asset class in times of crisis. We started off with 1445 studies, followed by refining of the dataset according to keywords and scope of studies, we reviewed about 103 studies. We identify the top publications, authors, countries, institutions, articles, and associated research streams by adopting bibliometric and content analysis. Additionally, we offer a cartographic (keyword) analysis that identifies four important streams and its development over time. Lastly, we discuss and summarize future research direction.

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