Master of Business Administration

Faculty / School

Faculty of Business Administration (FBA)


Dr. Shahid Qureshi

Project Coordinator (Internal)

Dr. Nasir Afghan, Asad Ilyas

Project Type

MBA Research Project

Abstract / Summary

The study was base on exploratory research followed by descriptive research broadly in five different categories to analyze and to evaluate the possible revenue generation from the intended investment. This research includes hotel service level, room occupancy, marriage halls, and restaurants. The study was conducted in Faisalabad, Gujranwala, Sialkot and Multan. Research methodology was used to propose a strategy that would assist in getting prolific returns on investment in four cities of Punjab. In exploratory research, data and information was collected using qualitative techniques such as focus groups and in-depth interviews. The descriptive research was used to gather data and information in order to quantify the findings and observations of the qualitative research using questionnaire survey. Secondary data was also analyzed to support the argument and factual figures were used. In Faisalabad, since it is an industrial city, businesses expect frequent visitors who require lodging' facilities. These businesses include textile, commodity trading (rice, flour), chemicals, plastic etc. Average stay period of a guest is almost 2 days who usually stays at hotel. Customers are willing to pay good prices for exceptional services. The most important factor in hotel selection by a customer for lodging is the quality of service, followed by reputation. On the other hands, for restaurants people look for taste, ambiance, hygiene, mostly and do not hesitate hand, for these factors. The majority mostly prefers BBQ and Chinese food. For wedding, average guest size is around 600 people. Gujranwala is the industrial hub for nearby cities. Its major businesses included commodity trading steel, ceramics, fans and apparel .Average stay period of a guest in hotel is 2 days. In comparison with other targeted cities, Gujranwala is a price conscious market and customers are reluctant give premium for high quality of service. Moreover, due to short distance from Lahore, business guests are usually accommodated in Lahore which is one of the reasons for law room occupancy in Gujranwala are food lovers preferences for food which includes BBQ, Chinese, Desi & Fast food. For weddings, average guest size is around 800 people. Multan is predominantly and agricultural city. Other major sectors are banking and textile. Majority of visitors coming to the city are local travelers who mainly involve government officials, textile businessmen and bankers. Average stay period of a guest is around 3 days. Due to monopoly of a involve government officials, single 3-star hotel in the cit, people are forced to pay high prices mediocre service. The most important factor in hotel selection by a customer for lodging is the quality of service. For food, people have diversified preferences. Restaurants offering western and Chinese food are quite popular. Average guest size in a wedding ceremony is around 600 people.

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