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MBA Executive Research Project

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Case is about one of the leading manufacturing company of Pakistan, with exports to more than 50 countries in all five continents. Company is continuously growing with the average rate of 20% in last few years. To achieve strategic objective of continuous growth in local and international market and to meet future challenges, top Management has very clear vision that they need to strategically align its Human Resource Function with Corporate Business Objectives. To achieve this vision. Management has decided to initiate several strategic HR projects. New HR Manager was hired to lead and execute these strategic HR Initiatives, in addition to existing HR team, newly hired HR Manager, inducted few more members in his team, to support him to launch and implement Strategic HR Management Projects in organization as per Top Management Preference. Unfortunately, organization could not have achieved desired outcomes, despite its efforts and investments.

In this project I studied, change management process followed^nd its flaws as a reason for Its failure, propose recommendation for improving the strategy that can lead it towards its success in future. Different change Model i.e. Kotter's Change Model, have been studied as literature review to analyze the real cause of failure. Whereas, source of primary research was company employees, who experience change implementation process. Additionally we took external view of different HR Professional i.e. Aquil Naqvi Regional Director Middle East, Africa & Pakistan, M Farhan, HRBP Muller & Phipps etc. on subjected project to develop better understanding of causes of failures and to recommend better solutions.

Besides different shortfalls, it was identified that understanding of readiness level of organization was missing in designing and launching for change implementation strategy. Study also highlighted that comprehensive approach was not applied to assess all possible factors, that may effect change process at any point of time of change management implementation and that resulted in heavy cost for organization. Different elements i.e. realization for change, consensus, motivation, planning and management were weak in change management process and that become main cause of its failure.

Planning and execution strategy revamping would be required before resume HR change initiative projects In company. To create buy-in and successful implementation of change, there is a need to establish clarity of vision, realization of need for change within organization, develop credibility and have fair communication. Timeline should be based on realistic ground to avoid any unnecessary panic, stress and frustration across the organization. To improve employee's and change agents' motivation, there should be some encouragement and motivational plan. Strong planning, management and its continuous evaluation and adjustment would also be required.


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