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Executive Summary

This report revolves around the challenges faced and opportunities that Pakistani mobile app development companies have in the local & international markets. Being in the technology market for more than a decade now, I've been fortunate enough to have a vast network which has helped me in learning the market insights both locally and internationally that has paved the way in preparation and completion of this report... The goal of this study is to research the explicit and implicit hurdles and prospects, how this industry has boomed just like a trace of a bullet, particularly on a global span. Over the passage of study, it was fascinating to determine the connection between different variables. Also, it was assessed how the world has welcomed the smart phones with open hands and got addicted to mobile apps and games. As of today, there are more than 2 million apps & games on the Apple Store & 3.8 million on Google Play. The estimated mobile apps and games market which is estimated to grow 270% to $189 billion by 2020, with games accounting for 55% gives a great chance to the Pakistani IT service-based SMEs as well working on mobile apps and games locally and as well as internationally. In the introduction phase, I have discussed the inception, pioneers, and transformation of mobile apps worldwide, its global potential and enormous growth, local companies that make apps and games possible, the list of most successful local apps and games and the current situation in Pakistan where technology comes late and is adopted slowly due to multiple reasons. Also, the research objectives and problem statement were established in this phase to ensure adequacy and smoothness in the study and to signify the purpose of this project. In the next important chapter "Research Methodology", the procedure was discussed through qualitative research and the sampling method was worked on in detail with determining and selecting the sample size and participants' demographics were also highlighted. A structured questionnaire with a set of 11 questions was designed and circulated amongst the sample of 100 people but received considerable responses from 90 people belonging to reputable IT SMEs were carefully selected through convenience and judgmental sampling methods. Their responses were prudently mined, analyzed and distributed with the support of figures and graphs to ensure the adequacy and validity of the extracted data. Secondary data as per my framework and relevant prior researches were also meticulously selected and then considered to get a better understanding of the market, star services and above all to check the sufficiency of my report. It saved me a fair amount of time, efforts and resources while complimenting my primary research. The third chapter of my project consists of the "Literature Review" which has a thorough analysis on the published information and articles helping me to explore more about the topic, the happenings and authors' opinions while assessing the literature in detail. For this purpose, books, journals, articles, and websites have used as a source (links provided in references). The "Data Analysis" conducted in chapter four was the key to extract meaningful data from the questionnaires and in-depth interviews. The responses were placed in an excel file and investigated through graphs and figures to validate the findings. Furthermore, the profound analysis was also conducted with a deep thought to be more decisive. After a thorough analysis, the conclusions were drawn which included all the learnings, with the limitations my research had, provided the references and recommendations which may help in future researches attached a sample questionnaire with in-depth interviews insights and transcripts. Tna nutshell, smart phones with mobile apps and games have become an addiction and has boomed over the years with this the estimated number of mobile developers move from just under 1 million ten years ago to 3 million today just reflects the use of mobile devices. Pakistan is blessed with intellectuals and outstanding technical resources who are in demand at all parts of the world if supported and directed well. The adoption of mobile apps in Pakistani brands is very less, only a few have mobile apps for their users and customers but within the next 5 years, most of the companies will surely follow the international trends as they have specific apps for everything. The development charges in Pakistan are pretty cornpeutrve when comparing the prices of international companies. The services are also of good quality but there is' plenty of room for improvement in knowledge-base, skill-set, expertise and adaptability of new technologies. Also, this market is surrounded by multitude of challenges such as lack of availability of new gadgets, leaming material, and workshops, constant updating required as every year new technologies and frameworks are introduced especially with Internet of Things - loT, VR - Virtual Reality and AI - Artificial Intelligence being adopted by many countries creating enormous issues due to no experiences but also creating international business prospects for Pakistani IT compares. It gives me great confidence to elaborate that the info provided in this report is not fictitious but based on the data derived through questionnaires of 90 respondents, direct interviewing of 5 respondents and comprehensive analysis of all the factors under my control.



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