Business plan starting up a Garment export company in the light of Geo-political environment


Mirza Hammad


Master of Business Administration Executive

Faculty / School

Faculty of Business Administration (FBA)

Year of Award

Spring 2018

Project Type

MBA Executive Research Project

Access Type

Restricted Access


Export company -- Business plan | Geo-political environment -- Pakistan | Garment Export company -- Karachi

Executive Summary

The report tries to teach an individual, ways in which they can employ resources, for starting up a knitwear export business. In Pakistan, it has become a norm for all individuals to start working in corporations as soon as they graduate from universities. Individuals believe that the only way to live a life is by working for someone else. As businesses require enough capital and a vision which nowadays is rare to find as big companies haven't left any idea untouched, so the nine to five job seems to be the only option available to individuals. However, by working for someone else their entire life, people seldom find a purpose. Moreover, if you ask someone down the line about their job you will find that they are reluctant to work hard for someone else. This is wastage of a resource. The report does not advise against working, for another company right after graduation but rather lays out a grog platform for acquiring the right experience in the right company and industry, which can further be elaborated in to a business that does not require mountains of capital. The research explores the raw demand for entrepreneurship in our society through a questionnaire aimed at none other than university students. To find equilibrium, a questionnaire aimed at industry experts, attempts to find out where the knitwear industry stands at the moment and where is it heading. Industry is further explored by carrying out interviews and arranging a special focus group to answer similar questions that would help us realize where the world demand for the industry currently resides, and whether the supply of businesses that we want to increase will be sustained by this demand. In order to find an alternate source of making a living, the report shares ideas, experiences, facts and figures, and economic reasoning to conclude the results. The only problem is information and the lack of initiation from the government to spread awareness and boost incentives for the garment industry. Otherwise the individuals in Karachi are business centric, living in a place that could be a hub for textile in the world.

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