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Faculty of Business Administration (FBA)

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MBA Executive Research Project

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Executive Summary

This project is aimed at finding the root cause analysis of Wateen WiMAX failure and how this failure could have been avoided. There area of the study includes the industry analysis using Porter Five Forces model and company analysis using SWOT analysis. Market research was conducted via questionnaire to study weaknesses in Wateen's business design and marketing strategy and to identify deficiencies in technical and operational aspects. Furthermore, Interviews of former and current Wateen Telecom employees and senior telecomprofessionals have been taken to ascertain that how this failure could have been avoided. Insights, which were gathered in the interviews, were particularly useful in examining what with regard to the respondents with regard to the success or failure of the Wateen, were saying, and how it was being said. Since the use of qualitative research is characterized by the use of small samples, the representativeness of the respondents was thought to be adequate. While it was not assumed that the respondents constituted a generalization of the population as a whole, the depth of understanding attained were within the confines of the project sample. Wateen launched its services in 2007 but company failed to make its mark due to numerous issues which are thoroughly discussed in this project. For a new company, consumers don't have any perception of the company and advertising plays an important role in perception building. After initial failure company geared for re-launch in 2011 under new management when company had lots of negative perception in the market. Wateen tried to relaunch using Blue Ocean Strategy and tried to lead the industry by fulfilling customer's information, communication and entrainment needs under one umbrella and portrayed Wateen as company which brings to you a medium that breaks all the bondages and unleashes you in the world of countless possibilities and experiences. Although relaunch was successful but company failed to sustain due to constant pressures from other fronts and Wateen Telecom had to merge its network with Qubee (Other WiMAX Operator).



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