Adnan Mahmood


Master of Business Administration Executive

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Faculty of Business Administration (FBA)

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MBA Executive Research Project

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Restricted Access

Executive Summary

This study is about feasibility of online entrepreneurship program at IBA CED. Aman Center for Entrepreneurial Development (AMAN CED) at IBA is fostering entrepreneurship and business innovation and providing advisory and support services to current entrepreneurs with a special emphasis on university students and small potential entrepreneurs. The objective of online entrepreneurship program is to increase the reach to the masses and to educate potential entrepreneurs to convert their ideas into useful tangible products and services, creating employment and improving economy of country.

Entrepreneurship courses at IBA CED are based on effectuation theory of entrepreneurship some indigenous models according to local environment of Pakistan. IBA CED has started NEP (National Entrepreneurship Program) and sign MOU with three universities in Pakistan to increase the reach in country. This feasibility study can help IBA CED to increase the reach to the masses by going online in entrepreneurship courses.

This research is designed on the basis of primary research and secondary research with technical and financial feasibility. Secondary research has been done from Ebsco host database. For primary research questionnaire was designed and collected to analyze primary data. The questionnaire was asked to fill by 140 participants in three different cities Hyderabad, Faisalabad and Gujranwala. From 140 participants, questionnaires from 87 participants were received and validated. This research is exploratory in nature, using qualitative research methods with non-probabilistic and convenience sampling techniques.

Results of the research are positive and most of the respondents believed that online education can help them in further education. Majority of the respondents have learned through online courses. Most of the population in the country has accessibility of online courses in the country. Majority of the respondents believe that online education is less expensive as compare to on campus education. Online education is more suitable for learning in higher level of education. Research shows that initially 2-3 months' online course is suitable for entrepreneurship education in Pakistan. Majority of respondents are willing to enroll in online entrepreneurship courses offered by IBA CED. Online entrepreneurship education is perceived more flexible to learn for working professionals. Online entrepreneurship program will increase the reach and access of education to female in our rural society where formal education for female is not accessible due to cultural norms and unavailability of higher education institutions. Financial and technical feasibilities are also part of this study. In financial plan all fixed and variable costs, potential incomes, breakeven analysis, NPV and IRR are included. In technical feasibility course outline of course analysed to make videos lectures. Video lectures production studio and related filming equipment's are part of this study including time frame to launch the online program.


VI, 91

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