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Faculty of Business Administration (FBA)

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MBA Executive Research Project

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Executive Summary

In research report on the Entrepreneurial Mindset of young generation of Karachi, I wanted to find out the thought process of young generation as to what they know about entrepreneurship and how do they compare it with salaried jobs. Also In the research I have tried to explore the reasons why they feel are the stumbling blocks to become an entrepreneur. Moving forward I have tried to find out the environmental support that this young generation would Ideally like to have for this culture of entrepreneurship to prosper.

As part of my primary research I have prepared a survey which was shared with leading business and technology Institute of Karachi and a sample of 100 responses has been analyzed further. Based on the responses I have prepared my conclusion and recommendation on this topic and have further shared notes to future survey. As secondary research I have referred to various International journals and also the information available locally.

The findings and conclusion drawn from the survey are very Interesting yet Intriguing. As an example majority of the respondents have thought about starting their own business and feel that running your own business offers more freedom to innovate and also financially more rewarding. Later I find out that respondents feel that people opts for salaried job for stable growth. The respondents In majority feel that educational institute should have a culture and support structure to cultivate entrepreneurial mindset and also the required family support. The respondents feel that government policies should also be more supportive to new businesses by providing interest free loans and tax exemptions. Lastly most of the respondents feel that companies in Pakistan can be successful when compared to international companies.

As part of my recommendation I feel the entrepreneurial mindset starts from home and young generation will need the moral support from family to pursue their business Ideas. More Importantly we must have proper plan within education institution to support our students by mentoring them with their Ideas and having setups such as incubators to help them with Initial setup. In Karachi IBA is the only university which have a proper incubator setup in AM AN Center for Entrepreneurial Development to support future entrepreneurs. VC funding and government loans should come in as an incentive to these students and young professionals whereby they should have a proper business plan to be presented. In Pakistan we have the talent and basic building blocks to succeed and we should soon be seeing some of the startup becoming a billion dollar company.



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