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MBA Executive Research Project

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Executive Summary

In today's business world the complexity in the projects has increased and importance of a centralized coordinated system has been emerged immensely to manage projects efficiently. Most of the projects are not accomplished successfully and few reasons behind this failure are improper project management (PM) practices, Scope creep by Stakeholder (Sponsor) and lack of planning etc. Therefore, to overcome all these issues and accomplish projects within its constraints; the need of PMO has been emerged.

During this study effective PMO traits and its implementation will be studied to find out the obstacles that hinder the successful deployment of PMO in Pakistan. Both primary and secondary research has been performed. In secondary research detailed survey of literature was conducted included research papers, articles, books, magazines etc. However in primary research PMO based organizations were contacted for interview/focus group. These organizations were selected through purposive sampling technique.

Initially the study was planned to conduct interviews of PMO professionals only but after the study and analysis of pilot interview outcomes. It was decided to conduct research in PMO based organizations and as well as the consultants/experts who implemented PMO in different organizations. This really helped to find out the barriers/challenges faced by Pakistani organizations which have been concluded after the execution of primary research. Each questionnaire divided into two parts one was for some demographic figures which helped to evaluate organizations regarding their project management experiences, PMO experience, type of PMO used, staff size, No. of PMPs etc. other part has belonged to research questions with details answers.

On the base of answers of research questions, research findings were analyzed. In Pakistan organizations are faced by many challenges to implement an effective PMO. It has been found 25 main barriers that Pakistani organizations faced during PMO implementation, some of them are organizational culture, lack of top management support; change management etc. knowing these barriers is the key for future implementation of PMO in Pakistan.

Research studies are a continuous process ill which different methods and their techniques are evolved time to time. Hence PMO is a vast field and lot of research work is yet to be carried out in this field especially in Pakistan. Therefore this research project will be helpful for future research studies regarding PM0 development and its implementation. However this research work has a limitation that it is only dealt with the obstacles or hindrances that organization faced during PMO implementation in Pakistan.


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