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Faculty of Business Administration (FBA)

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MBA Executive Research Project

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Executive Summary

The research was conducted to develop a feasibility study with the initiative for social reforms to create a low investment business of mobile boutique for lower and middle class. In this research, we are covering the facts about the poverty in Pakistan and collecting the optimal data to reduce poverty through small level entrepreneurship. For a low-cost entrepreneurship model, we have first option for food because it is the first most important sector of Pakistan but in food business investment required is too higher which is not easily affordable for poor. That's the reason we have select to get data from textile industry because it is second most important need for human being and the biggest sector in our economy. In textile sector, there is a big market for lady's cloths numerically the women population of Pakistan is 47% and in this study the demand for women target market in Karachi is alone 7 million. This study also showing the pattern of selling for last 40 years and identify the gap in the current era plus it is also describe in this study that how this type of gap filled by western countries and what is the optimal solution for us with an intention to create employment for lower and middle class. The objective of this research is also to find the potential of lady's cloth market with its trend and to find out the right products mix for this business and to assess what types of funding are available. The methodology for this research is secondary data is collected from published reports and articles like census report from census bureau various articles regarding market position and about mobile boutiques has been collected from various newspapers and magazines. Primary research is based on retail & wholesale market survey for pricing of cloth, survey for user acceptability with its choices, interview has been conducted with shop owners, industrialist, NGOs & banking professionals. Convenience sampling method is used for this research. Literature is mainly based on published reports in Pakistan and in foreign magazines. Target market or demand analysis is solely assessing through the district wise census report by census bureau. Suitable vehicle for Pakistan with respect of least cost factor has been assessed and recommended. Operation feasibility is also conducted in which evaluating the best products to enter in market. This report is also comprised the role of microfinancing banks, Leasing companies and NGOs for funding requirement. Financial feasibility also has been prepared with funded by loan and without loan plus its impact on cash flow over the period with the break-even for all the options. The proposed investment to start this business is Rs. 300,000/- with a lower return on investment of 3.5% in first year but it will have reached to 60% in third year for self-funding option. This research is concluded that there is huge opportunity in lady's cloth market in Karachi especially the demand for lady's suit is approximately 7 million. There is a gap between for convenience based shopping of lady's cloth market which would be filled through our model. The factor associated with the lady's cloth market is also discuss in this report. The rising trend for stitched market is also discussed. The women in this business, are also encouraged, The recommendations are also given regarding this project is also at the last of this report in which different recommendations with examples will be given for different stack holders. With the focus on organization of zakat which would be reached at the right person for the purpose of social reform through entrepreneurship.



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