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MBA Executive Research Project

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Executive Summary

Fast food business is of the rapid growing area in food industry, gained repute in Pakistan because of nuclear family, and now fast food culture become so prominent in Pakistani society. Awareness about perceptions and consumer behavior has become so important for understanding variations in market environment. There is a get larger direction for fast food restaurants in Pakistan, fast food pattern such as Pizza Hut, Subway, KFC, and McDonalds travel behind a easily understood strategy of development and financial gain. Pakistan inhabitants, of above 190 million and with a arising middle class, accurately one quarter of the total population entitled the prospective market for fast food. The report divides into three main sections, generally talk about consumer behavior towards selection of fast food restaurants.

The report defines how the opinions or beliefs of consumers towards fast food restaurants, the report is carry out in Karachi by choosing randomly 100 respondents who move in at multinational fast food restaurants. A questionnaire for the parallel has been made for this reason. Statistical approaches like Percentages and Z-Test are used. The study give out that 75% of the respondents visit fast food restaurants 1-2 times in a week and greater number of respondents spent more than 15% of their monthly earnings on fast food, and have different elements of attractions like quality of food, services provided, friends or family gatherings and brand image, They also exhibit that discounts and deals offered at the fast food restaurants are reflect on the effective promotional activity. From analysis we found that 70%of the respondents were affected and attracted with offers and schemes. Advertising plays a very crucial part in the consumer decision making process, 45% of the respondents selecting restaurants because of marketing and 55% of respondents because of taste of food, so both factors very important for selecting suitable restaurant. 84% of the respondent’s favoring towards strong brand and product, quality and image of brand plays a very important role because consumers never compromise on quality of product.

There must be more varieties of fast food so that customers not getting bored, in addition few health friendly food products can be added to the menu. Restaurant offers a menu that is a mixture of desi cuisine such as Biryani, Vegetables, Curries, Kofta curry, Shahi Kabab and added other more tasty items. There are two main essential factors for gaining confidence of customers are service quality and food quality, and that's why restaurants managers to understand consumer mind about how they come to realise or understand the service they deliver.



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