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Faculty of Business Administration (FBA)

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MBA Executive Research Project

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Executive Summary

PAF Hospital MalirCantt was established in 1971 as war time hospital. Initially it was only meant to look after medical needs of PAF employees. However in 1992 management of hospital in consultation with Air HQ decided to allow civilian patients for treatment as well. Main purpose to allow civilians was to generate funds for the hospital and doctors as private practice. Funds generated were shared between hospital and doctors on proportion basis. However, there is a lot of potential that is required to be explored but unfortunately this is not the case.This study is conducted to highlight measures to increase private patients at PAF hospital Malir Cantonment.

An emerging and vital component in healthcare service is the satisfaction of the patients, which becomes extremely important for better marketing of the hospital. Similarly, the confidentiality and privacy important element for the patients; they do not want any other person while they are having consultation with their doctor. Hospital management procedures as laid out in JCI must be adhered for the ease of patients. Lengthy procedures causing unnecessary inconvenience to patients must be streamlined for the betterment of the organization.

This study was conducted by using the following qualitative and quantitative methods. These tools aie survey/questionnaires, Interviews and focus group. These tools were used to find out the reason regarding the patient dissatisfaction.The questions were designed in a way to that they help to find out about the monthly visit frequency to the PAF hospital and the problems faced by the patients.The civil patients who are the resident of MalirCantt patients were the primary audience.



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