Yumna Rehan


Master of Business Administration Executive

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Faculty of Business Administration (FBA)

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MBA Executive Research Project

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Restricted Access

Executive Summary

The project aims to find the Impact of E-commerce on customers and e-businesses and ‘what are the main factors, which influence a customer to make an online purchase. The area of study includes factors, which a consumer keeps in mind before making an online purchase, and prospects of E-commerce in Pakistan. The research found out that the advertisement people see on the websites and social media are useful and motivates them to make an online purchase. The study also found that product quality, promotional discounts, word of mouth, convenience, trust and credibility of online retailer are the key features a customer looks for in shopping online.

Market research was carried out by focus groups and questionnaires to analyze the key motivational factors for making an online purchase. Furthermore, interviews of current E-commerce professionals of prominent websites were taken to ascertain what steps they are taking to enhance the E-commerce business in Pakistan. Insights, which were taken from the interviews, were very helpful in examining their successful business models and their strategies to attract new customers and retain the existing. Digital marketing is playing a vital role in attracting customers. Through new technologies, E-commerce platforms are making sure that customers see their advertisement through all possible channels. Social media plays a major contribution to increase sales and conversion rate is very good through social media. Businesses are trying to improve their services and product quality to retain customers as new competitors are entering market. In addition, E-commerce websites are getting orders from every part of the country including most interior areas. This shows the potential of our market to adopt changing shopping trend.

This is a mixed method research report, which includes both the qualitative and quantitative data by means of which insights of this topic were viewed to explore the main factors, which helps the e-platforms to increase and influence the customers to make more online purchases. The report investigates various dimensions of e-platforms and customers. This study targets different e-shopping sites and e-consumers. Different theoretical frame works are used in this research to figure out the impacts of E-shopping on consumers and e-platforms considering which conclusions are drawn and future recommendations are made. While it is not assumed that the respondents constitute a generalization of the population, the depth of understanding attained were within the confines of the project sample. Pakistani market is very adaptable to this growing change and shows a dazzling growth in E-commerce industry. People are now quickly moving towards plastic money and due to which online shopping has taken a boost. Our cash on delivery model gives an edge to this rising market. Moreover, the increased use of smart phones and cheaper 3G 4G availability in all areas of Pakistan has inspired many to experience online shopping no matter which part of city they live in.

However, there remains a huge potential for this market to grow and provide better services. In this, hi tech economically developing world new technologies are taking place, this report winds up the impact of e-platforms on customers and retail markets in Pakistan. The report focuses on the tremendous growth of E-commerce and its impact on the businesses.



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