Asif Ali Khan


Master of Business Administration Executive

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Faculty of Business Administration (FBA)

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MBA Executive Research Project

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Executive Summary

Due to sharp rise in Global terrorism, ever changing / improvising acts of terror which seem to be on rise, security equipment industry has experienced sharp expansion in all dimensions (including technological advancements, financial effects and geographical spread.

With CPEC, the countries hope for reviving its economy is high. On the other hand due to war against terrorism, security threats in Pakistan don't seem to be reducing in foreseeable future. in this situation, providing security for people and other assets is of Paramount importance. Providing security is now not limited to keeping guards or having barbed wires over the walls. This is because the threat has evolved and so has the concept of security. Physical security equipment has become an industry of over 125 billion US dollars. However, security equipment industry of Pakistan is still immature and far from maturation.

This study was aimed towards exploring the potential of this industry. The scope of study was limited to Karachi and the type of security equipment available over here. Since no credible information was found in documented form for Pakistani industry, research was started by informal visits of the markets and unofficial meetings/ telephonic conversations with marketing departments of major supplying firms and prominent users of demand side.

This was followed by a qualitative approach to assess the supply side by holding Focus Group discussion and interviews with industry experts. Based on findings of secondary research and qualitative primary research of demand side, a Quantitative approach what's taken to research demand side mechanics and customer decision making process.

Demand for security equipment has increased sharply in past few years due to number of national level incidents. Organisations across the board are buying security equipment of all types ranging from simple CCTV cameras to millions of dollars of worth container screening systems. Almost all the equipment is being imported and the demand is currently being made by a limited number of firms operating in the industry. Availability of Chinese equipment has triggered the competition primarily based on price. This is because consumer market is very price sensitive.


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