Master of Business Administration Executive

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Faculty of Business Administration (FBA)

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MBA Executive Research Project

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Executive Summary

This study aims to establish the importance of an entrepreneurial education program at JUW and specify the features of the program, customized to the culture of the university and the needs of the students. In this regard, 3 days workshop was conducted at JUW by IBA Aman CED, to create awareness about the impact and importance of a university level entrepreneurial program, and to provide guidance to independently run an entrepreneurial program at university. Simultaneously, a brainstorming session was held with selected faculty members of JUW to jot down the contents of questionnaires. Subsequently, 96 questionnaires were filled out by students and faculty members of IBA & JUW and women in general, to understand the aspirations of all stakeholders regarding the existing entrepreneurial program at IBA and proposed program at JUW.

Drawing on the findings of the secondary and primary research conducted, this study has three major findings; it identifies the existing need for such a program at JUW, the two most crucial success features of UEPs and their applicability for a program at JUW. Based on the analysis certain recommendations were identified, for the implementation of such, program at JUW, including the carrying out of 4 months Women Entrepreneurship Programs by IBA Aman CED, as a franchise at JUW. And providing training to the faculty of JUW to make them self-sufficient, to run an independent program.


VIII, 75

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