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Faculty of Business Administration (FBA)

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MBA Executive Research Project

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Executive Summary

The objective of this project is to understand the potential business opportunities in Pakistan and evaluate the market size for circuit breakers and switches.

During this survey, quality contacts were made which includes consultants, contractors, architects, panel builders etc. At the moment, there is no Legrand office in Pakistan although Legrand products are used in Pakistan through two importers. These importers/distributors are being visited twice a year by Legrand Office.

Feedback/responses were collected through two different channels i.e. survey questionnaire & through physical interviews of the relevant people.

it is found that the market is divided into 3 segments:

• Legitimate Market:

• Product supplied from Dubai & Singapore via Afghanistan (Indirect Export)

• Fake Product from China and Turkey.

However, based on the responses and the feedback, it seems that there is a huge opportunity of Legrand products in Pakistan and Legrand can increase their existing share of circuit breakers & switches product range in a very quick time with positive and aggressive actions. Other product ranges of Legrand can also be promoted through proper marketing. Pakistan is a natural gateway to access Afghanistan. With Legrand presence in Pakistan. Legrand can focus in Afghanistan as well where lot of re-construction work is going on and lot of people and companies from Pakistan are involved in Afghanistan projects.

From the survey it is concluded that Legrand products have a good potential in Pakistan market and existing share of Legrand can be increased with the physical presence of Legrand in the region. Other Products of Legrand can also be promoted.BS standard is followed in Pakistan which is an additional benefit for Legrand. Local manufacturers are not much entertained on projects. European manufacturers with good stock availability are in demand. There is a gap in the market for new international manufacturers. There are missing features in competitor products and a sort of monopoly in the market. Customers (Consultants, panel builders, traders, end users) are looking for healthy competition.

It is recommended that Legrand presence should be there in the region to increase the Legrand market share and to introduce other Legrand products like structured cabling, workstation solutions, and capacitor banks etc. which are in demand in Pakistan and were not promoted in the past. Legrand should have their own sales team who can work at their own and in co-ordination with the distributors to generate good business. Distributor and retailer network should be increased & improved. Regional partners should be appointed. Legrand should also focus in Karachi and in the Industrial Sector of Pakistan where we are lacking at present. Indirect export and supply of the fake product will be reduced with Legrand presence in the region.


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