Omer Siddiqui


Master of Business Administration Executive

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Faculty of Business Administration (FBA)

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MBA Executive Research Project

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Executive Summary

HR practices in Pakistan are mostly revolve around financial aspect of the employment and their focus is not on psychological phenomenon. This research is primarily focused on Perceived Organizational Support, that is the employee's perception of how he is valued and how are his contributions appreciated by his organization. In the corporate sector where compensation is relatively higher and a diverse population is employed factors impacting Perceived Organizational Support have become very important for organizational development.

Importance of Perceived Organization support (POS) with an ever changing and dynamic organizational set up is very important and how higher levels of POS have impacted in the organizations capacity to work with the impending changes in the external and internal environment.

My research methodology to review POS and factors affecting I did an extensive literature review, conducted focus group and interviews. Research further determined the factors affecting POS through a survey with a sample size (n=105)

There are several factors that impact Perceived Organizational Support. In this study we evaluated 3 major factors on Job Satisfaction, Employee Engagement & Motivation. The same were tested against Perceived Organizational Support. Through this research, it was concluded that Job Satisfaction & Employee Engagement are positively correlated to Perceived Organizational Support,

whereas we were not able to ascertain the relationship of Motivation with Perceived Organizational Support.

The results of this report will be beneficial to organizations to develop better understanding of their employee's POS and devise strategies to enhance its levels by addressing the variables which directly impact POS.



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