Master of Business Administration Executive

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Faculty of Business Administration (FBA)

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MBA Executive Research Project

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Executive Summary

This project is focused at finding how the local companies in Pakistan attract, retain and motivate human capital to attain competitive advantage. The area of the study includes in-depth analysis of Employee Value Proposition and Employer Branding. Focus group sessions were first conducted among participants fi'om ICI Pakistan which helped to drive the direction of formal survey for the project. Market research was then conducted by questionnaire to study the comparison between cluster of various companies in Pakistan and a local company in focus i.e. ICI Pakistan against various variables around employee’s value. The target sampling technique was used to select individuals within ICI in order to cover all the major businesses and functions across the organization. For responses other than ICI, the snowball sampling technique was used in the survey whereby the respondents in the survey were requested to float the survey link to other participants and users which were most relevant for such questioniaire. This technique was helpful to the researcher as it helped to reach the participants in an unbiased with respondents forwarding the survey to relevant people. Employee Value Proposition proved the key to “Employer Branding” which is not usually focused by the local companies in Pakistan. Two interviews were conducted with HR personnel of different local companies to further understand the realities, challenges and opportunities around EVP. To be successful in retaining employees, a company needs to understand the different requirements of each generation. The challenge is how to retain different Generations while keeping the basics constant. Organizations are developing EVP’s that attract talent and make them the top employer of Choice. They are able to do so by “Employer Branding”. It makes it easier for attract and retain talent if they offer an EVP aligned with the current generations manner companies to expectation. Therefore according to the primary and secondary research, it is reasonable to claim that there exists a dire need in local companies of Pakistan to concentrate their efforts developing a strong EVP, and thereby accept the Null Hypothesis. The recommendations provided in the report are that by improving and working on the following areas, local companies here-in subject company “ICI Pakistan Limited” may create strong EVP that would help to attract, retain and engage top talented human capital for attaining competitive advantage in local and international markets:

1. Affiliation

2. Pay

3. Benefits

4. Career and

5. Work Content

Moreover, Employer Branding needs to be done around identified EVP areas. It should be well documented and communicated to improve perceived EVP of local companies.



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