Master of Business Administration Executive

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Faculty of Business Administration (FBA)

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MBA Executive Research Project

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Executive Summary

It's an entrepreneurship venture. The project is a feasibility plan for the launch of a MEN garment brand in Karachi. Motivated by Effectuation theory by Dr Sara Sarasvathy, I have tried to apply the concepts of Bird in Hand, Affordable loss, Lemonade Principle, Patch work quilt and Pilot in the plane to my business venture. Pakistan is a fast-growing market with largest number of population in 18 to 30. The rapid growth consists of garments usage as well as usage of online retail channels. It helps to sell my products Pakistan wide on just the click of a button. So, the feasibility plan is primarily based on selling my garments through online channels as this does not require capital intensity. Our target is to sell our product to Lower Middle, Middle and Upper Middle Class. The nature of the product is Me Too and therefore the demand is already there and we need to focus on how to get our share out of the current market. The feasibility plan includes Cash flow projection of revenue and expenditures with tentative statement of income to have a look at feasibility of running a business. The project concludes that in this growing market where paradigm of socio economic classes is shifting from Middle to Upper Middle Class and offline to online shopping, there is a big room for a brand which can provide a good combination of cost and quality with basic and added online features. Primary and Secondary research methodologies are applied to have analysis of the market along with other tools and techniques. In primary research, Expert Interviews are being conducted from market GURUs and a public survey is being done through a questionnaire. Additionally, we have also done focus group discussions to identify and evaluate the mind set of people from different walks of life. Descriptive analysis is also performed on the data collected from Questionnaire. Also, to have a good combination of ideas and concepts, we have gone through number of articles and reports as part of our secondary research. The recommendation section consists of ideas and experiences gathered through primary and secondary research conducted by us followed by conclusion that business is feasible in long and short term with few major challenges.



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