Master of Business Administration Executive

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Faculty of Business Administration (FBA)

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MBA Executive Research Project

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Executive Summary

This project is about developing a feasibility study of a ladies pret wear business. Recently there is an increase in monthly spending on clothes in Pakistan and more educated females adopting professional career, gives an ideal opportunity to start this business. This project had two parts. One was to conduct a market research study and the other was developing a project financials. The objective of the first part was to identify profitable market segments, identify shopping trend to sell garments and type of clothes most popular among females. To accomplish this objective an online market research was conducted which was responded by 106 participants. The sampling technique used in this survey was non-probability sampling with convenience in mind. The target audience for this survey was women with easy access to web. To conduct market research an exploratory informal interview were conducted with two customers to understand clothing elements which are important. Based upon this interview a questionnaire was developed to conduct a more formal qualitative and quantitative research. The questions in the survey were mainly around product, price and place. Focus group discussion was also conducted. The next step was to compile and analyze data. The comparative scale was used to analyze data and most common feature among respondents was selected as customer preference. Based upon the survey three types of dresses were selected to pursue financial analysis. The respondent prefers cotton as material for their dresses with more focus on clothes style and cut. Some of the feature selected by respondent was to have block colors with embroidery, accessories and fancy buttons. The financial analysis indicates the business to be profitable with initial cash requirement of Rs 2 million and immediate payback. The cast requirement is mainly for current capital. The survey form indicates the price range of garment should be between Rs. 3000 to 5000. Moreover the initial strategy to sell clothes is through exhibitions organized on quarterly basis and after 1 year of business on monthly basis.



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