Master of Business Administration Executive

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School of Business Studies (SBS)

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Dr. Muhammad Imran, Assistant Professor, Department of Management, Institute of Business Administration (IBA), Karachi

Project Type

MBA Executive Research Project

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Restricted Access

Executive Summary

The project goes beyond civil infrastructure improvement to unlock new productivity opportunities. This project involves in optimizing the extensive labor in the process by using automation and tweaking the layout of the production line, building two vertically integrated buildings to consolidate scattered warehouse under one roof and in the end induction of automated high-speed machines. EDIBLE OIL COMPANY’s operational dynamics will change drastically with this consolidation approach. The idea aims to eliminate rented warehouses to streamline operations and save money. EDIBLE OIL COMPANY attempts to eliminate inefficiencies caused by distributed product handling by centralizing tasks, improving operational control and efficiency. The extensive conveyor system modification is also crucial to this project. The project will increase product and material flow and operational agility by lowering its length by 75%, from 1220 feet to 305 feet. Products and packaging damage are expected to decrease by 90% under the project. This reduction should boost product quality and customer happiness, enhancing EDIBLE OIL COMPANY’s market position. The development of automated high-speed production lines with cutting-edge filling, packaging, and palletization technologies advances technology. This upgrade should reduce personnel and boost throughput, optimizing production capacity. Maximizing personnel productivity is key to this shift. Automation of product filling and packing processes, notably pouches, which account for a large portion of EDIBLE OIL COMPANY’s volume and labor, is crucial. The first phase replaces machinery with local high-speed lines and installs Linear bottle filling devices to minimize manpower by 25%. Further optimization can save personnel by 38% through downstream automation. Although promising, this component lacks expertise, notably about the financial and operational feasibility of the imported machinery. Thus, this investment phase is tentative until a complete investigation answers these critical questions. EDIBLE OIL COMPANY's strategic revamp prepares the company for sustainable growth and a competitive edge, not just an operational upgrade. EDIBLE OIL COMPANY is enabling efficiency and market leadership by tackling productivity issues and using technology and strategic planning.


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