Master of Business Administration Executive

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School of Business Studies (SBS)

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Dr. Shahid R. Mir, Assistant Professor, Department of Management

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MBA Executive Research Project

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Restricted Access

Executive Summary

The research provides an in-depth analysis of the research conducted to assess the influence of Bachaa Party's Corporate Social Responsibility activities on several aspects of employee engagement, such as retention, commitment, motivation, satisfaction, and recruitment. This research comprised of a survey of 112 employees of Bachaa Party in order to accumulate their responses and measure the linkage. Bachaa Party’s CSR practices have a substantial impact on various metrics pertaining to engagement of employees. They had a substantial influence on employee retention and overall recruitment process at the Bachaa Party. The implementation of CSR initiatives in various verticals like education, healthcare, development, child protection, nature conservation, city beautification etc. were associated with higher levels of employee engagement within the organization. To carry out such CSR initiatives, partnerships had been established with esteemed organizations like UNDP Pakistan, WWF Pakistan, Child Protection & Welfare Bureau, Aga Khan Hospital, Indus Hospital, TCF, KMC, PHA, LDA and more. The research also signifies that organizations doing CSR of any kind have employees engage with it. It also portrays that companies that make a substantial effort for the well-being of its employees, results in the employee being more engaged, satisfied, and able to perform well. With that being said, the limitations also need to be realized as this research is conducted on one organization in the retail industry. As a results of these outcomes, it is advisable that organizations consider implementing CSR practices to enhance employee’s engagement in terms of employee’s retention, commitment & motivation, job satisfaction and overall recruitment process by involving employees in different social causes would enhance engagement and subsequently performance.


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