Master of Business Administration Executive

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School of Business Studies (SBS)

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Dr. Mohammad Kamran Mumtaz, Assistant Professor, Department of Management, Institute of Business Administration

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MBA Executive Research Project

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Restricted Access

Executive Summary

In recent years chatbots have been growing in popularity all over the world, primarily due to artificial intelligence and machine learning. This executive summary summarizes the key findings of a feasibility study that looked at how K Electric may integrate a chatbot system to save costs. K Electric's customer care system is currently facing inefficiencies, requiring the development of state-of-the-art automated solutions. The report suggests implementing a chatbot to enhance customer experience, reduce operation & maintenance expenses, and promote K Electric's overall targets of attaining cost optimization and efficiency. This report covers technical feasibility, including the requirements and challenges of introducing a chatbot into K Electric's daily operations. A comprehensive cost-benefit analysis shows the expected financial impact as well as the potential for higher cost reductions, larger productivity, and satisfying customers. After all the data is examined, K Electric has a compelling case to incorporate the chatbot system. To successfully combine the chatbot into K Electric's operational environment, the report's conclusion suggests a pilot program and cooperative efforts. In the context of Pakistan's energy industry, the chatbot has the possibility to comprehensively enhance customer experience and operational efficiency.


viii, 52


This is an independent research work and is not funded / sponsored by anyone in any form whatsoever.

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