Market feasibility for car detailing in Pakistan


Tayyab Nihal


Master of Business Administration Executive

Faculty / School

Faculty of Business Administration (FBA)

Year of Award

Spring 2018

Project Type

MBA Executive Research Project

Access Type

Restricted Access


Automobiles--Bodies--Materials | Automobiles--Chassis--Design and construction | -- Pakistan

Executive Summary

The objective of my research report is to determine the market size of car detailing in Pakistan. In this report you will find industry information like total annual volume, expected growth, comparison with other countries, prominent competitors; product information like technical aspect of detailing, consumables used, man-hour required and costing; market dynamics like entry of new companies in automotive market, expansion plan of new and current OEMetc;and lastly the business model and brand positioning recommended for running a successful detailing center. All recommendations are based on actual facts gathered by consumer survey, focus group discussion and in-depth interviews industry experts. After analyzing the survey results it was observed that 87%respondents know about detailing service and are aware of its advantages/disadvantages and 79% respondents have positive feedback about it. But only 26%have actually used it. This was one of the major problems in this sector, then after further probing it was identified that there are mainly two reasons why majority of people are not using it. 1) Consumer think detailing services are too expensive (52%) 2) They do not think it is necessary (27%) The growth in detailing industry is evident because of two main reasons 1) the total automobile market size is increasing at 6.4% CGAR 2) increase in consumer awareness level. As per the market intelligence report of Toyota, Pakistan auto sector will grow up-to 500,000 units / annum by 2025 and with the entry of many new companies and expansion of current ones these figures are likely to be achievable. This research report will furnish a sound business plan for launching a successful detailing centers with break even at 20 units / month. Pricing structure, costing breakup,manpower utilization and preliminary shop design are part of this study.

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