Master of Business Administration Executive

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Faculty of Business Administration (FBA)

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MBA Executive Research Project

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Executive Summary

This research proposes a business venture for the manufacturing industry in Karachi, Pakistan, it details different types of maintenance strategies that are currently being employed by the manufacturing organizations. The report begins with a brief introduction for maintenance strategies as denoted by the maintenance maturity pyramid, a brief background is provided for the predictive maintenance strategy deployed in World War II by the famous scientist CH Wadding ton, which later on became known as the "The Wadding ton effect". In this research, I have studied and referred all relevant articles related to maintenance management systems prevailing in the world. Previous projects related to Asset management were studied from the IBA library and extracts of the research were also made part of my project. The most notable and similar project was CMMS in process industry of Pakistan (Nov 16) by M.Hasan Ali. Legal and regulatory requirements with respect to the manufacturing sector in Pakistan were studied to understand the legal framework requirements of the country. Primary research was conducted with extensive interviews with senior personnel working in the manufacturing sectors of Karachi to assess their interests in the acceptance of new technologies related to their field. These studies were used to refine and propose a foundation for setting up a services organization to the manufacturing industry. A Focus group was conducted from people working in the manufacturing sector, this helped me draft a questionnaire for a survey among different participants from Karachi. Convenience sampling was used to survey the sample from the population and results were analyzed using statistical techniques and presented in this report. Upon completion of the research study, a business plan is presented which highlights an opportunity for young entrepreneurs to enter into a less competitive market in Karachi by setting up a services company. A detailed business plan is presented, along with analysis of competitors, business risks involved, and break-even analysis for the venture. The research concluded positively highlighting gaps and areas of improvements in managing strategies for the manufacturing sector. All research objectives were achieved highlighting the need of the manufacturing industry of Karachi.



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